4 Ways to Help Your Marketing Company Help You

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So, you’ve decided to hire a marketing company. Smart move (if it’s us at Presentation Multimedia, even smarter). But, odds are they can’t do everything without at least a little contribution from your company. Speaking from the marketing company side of things, we want nothing more than to help grow your business and get it to the top. But, it’s often difficult to do that without your cooperation and some resources from you and your team. These are some fun, easy ways to help your marketing companies like ours do their best for your business:

Photos, photos, and more photos

Facebook and Instagram thrive on photos of you, your team, and your customers (so long as they have signed a photo release form). Especially if you’re not local, your marketing company won’t be able to pop into your office or on the job site every day to take photos of your team in action. Keep a business tablet or camera around so that any time there’s a great photo opp, you can snap it and send it to the team at Presentation Multimedia or your marketers to use for social media management purposes.

Exciting events and promotions

The more fun stuff you do with your business and your customers, the more opportunity a marketing company has to promote your team as friendly and welcoming. When you decide to host an event or promotion (ideas for which your marketers should come up with, too), your marketing company can promote on social media, send emails, make in-office props and flyers, etc. You know your audience pretty well, so, if you come up with a great idea for a promotion or contest, don’t hesitate to tell your marketers so they can get to work hyping it up! But without anything interesting going on, there isn’t much marketing companies like Presentation Multimedia can do to show off your business in a positive, friendly light.

Ask for reviews

Reviews are one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign; most searchers go through extensive review research before calling a company. We know it can be uncomfortable, but you should never let a happy customer depart without first asking for a review. Train your staff to ask for reviews, too, which will not only increase your Google authority, but marketers can then promote your reviews on your website and social media.


When our account managers reach out to you, it isn’t to waste your time. They probably have valuable information that will help your business or they need information from you to help them do their jobs. Also, it’s a two-way street – if you have a great idea or a puzzling question, talk to your account manager to get the ball rolling and wheels turning. Whatever the case, open communication between your business and marketing company is crucial for creating a successful marketing campaign.

Any questions?

At Presentation Multimedia, we strive to maintain open channels of communication and cooperation between our team and our valued clients. If you’re experiencing anything less from your current marketing company, or you’re ready to place your marketing into the hands of dedicated, intelligent pros, our team at Presentation Multimedia is ready to work. Let’s talk.

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