The digital community is all over social media these days. In fact, 50% of consumers make purchases based on a recommendation they saw on a social media platform. That's why we have a team of smart youths (marketing strategists and creative content makers) who are the experts in making lasting connections between customers and your business through current media marketing strategies.

WhO is your audience?

  • Almost 80% of adults online use Facebook.

    Nearly 90% 20-30 year olds use Facebook.

    Almost 85% of 31 50 year olds use Facebook.

  • Almost 25% of adults online use Twitter.

    Over 35% 20-30 year olds use Twitter.

    Dropping to under 25% for 31-50 year olds.

  • Over 30% of adults online use Instagram.

    Almost 60% 20-30 year olds use Instagram.

    User numbers are almost cut in half at 33% for 31-50 year olds.

Start spreading the word

An active, professional but engaging social media presence makes your company stand out amongst the competition; it suggests a meaningful, personal invitation instead of run-of-the-mill web content. Our team members will analyze your business and help you decide the best platforms for your target market, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (you get the picture - any social media you want, we'll run). Then our content creators will customize specified, attention-grabbing content geared toward a demographic that makes sense. We're always ready to chat, so if you call us up we can begin to talk about how social media marketing can drastically boost your customer engagement.

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