KFC Teaches A Masterclass in Social Media Stunts

KFC Twitter Screencap

Kentucky Friend Chicken is known for absurd marketing ploys, including recent television ads in which its Colonel is portrayed by a different actor in each commercial. This social media stunt, however, takes the cake. The fast food chain has chosen to follow only 11 accounts on Twitter and you will never guess the connection between them!

“Freddie Powell, creative director at KFC’s creative agency Wieden+Kennedy, told Adweek that it set up the very on-brand follows one month ago and simply hoped some savvy internet sleuths would suss them out. It’s clearly a bet that’s paid off.”

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As funny as this social media stunt is, one question remains: Was it worth it? Is this stunt enough to draw a loyal following or does it make people view your company in a less professional light? This article offers a different perspective.

“So, what is internet gold? While others seem quick to jump at trite, albeit clever tactics, the real winners, as far as I’m concerned, are the brands that are creating deeper engagement, strategies and moves that have a longer-lasting effect.”

What are your thoughts? Is a social media stunt like this worth the company’s time and creative energy?

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