How to Optimize Your Videos for Search

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Video content is king right now. In fact, videos are projected to dominate 80% of web traffic by next year (Source). If you are taking advantage of this massive opportunity, excellent. But it’s not enough to just make videos – you need to make sure your videos are search engine optimized (SEO). Our team at Presentation Multimedia has come up with the best ways to optimize your Youtube videos for search. Check these out:

1. Title

Our eyes are drawn to titles first. So, your titles should be compelling and concise, but most importantly, they should match common search terms. Conduct some research to find popular search terms for your industry. Also, focus your titles around your audience. If your audience’s internet activity is centered around particular language, use it. Between researched search terms and audience-specific wording, you’ll be able to craft a compelling title that’s great for SEO.

2. Description

While Youtube’s description character limit is 1,000 characters, it only displays about the first 100 without having to click a drop-down arrow. Take advantage of those first 100 characters by including the most relevant and practical information. We recommend including a link to your website and a catchy call-to-action. Then, use the other 900 or so characters to incorporate locations and keywords that will boost your SEO and search relevance.

3. Tags

Tags are a great resource to direct your target audience to your videos. Same with any form of SEO, top industry search keywords are best to include here, so that it triggers Google to suggest your video to searchers. Be careful about relevance with tags, though – Youtube can penalize you for including tags that aren’t relevant, which will hurt the changes of your video being seen. Keep your tags industry-specific, and particularly specific around the content of your videos.

Any Questions?

These are only a few of the ways you can optimize your videos for search engines. If you want more tips on SEO or other aspects of digital marketing, the pros at Presentation Multimedia are always excited to chat. Our SEO experts look forward to your call.

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