Presentation Multimedia connects clients to customers right on their websites

(Peekskill, NY) July 9, 2017 – Presentation Multimedia is focused on being able to provide its clients with the most cutting edge tools necessary to succeed in today’s business climate.  Our new “Live Chat” product is exactly that-a way for our clients to directly engage with potential customers as they surf their website.  Live chat support holds massive amounts of untapped potential for businesses. This function is growing in popularity due to high rates of customer satisfaction, ease of use for consumers, and so much more.


73% of consumers said that they are highly satisfied after using a live chat, higher than any other form of customer support, including email, social media, and phone. Why? Because it’s convenient and efficient. The most popular times for potential clients to browse your website is after office hours, so your staff won’t be able to answer a call or reply to an email until the next morning. By that time your potential customer may have moved on. The live chat function allows a real person to answer any questions people might have about the services you offer and the technicalities of your business. This quick, reliable response has a huge success rate of turning website visitors into customers.

Not only is Live Chat effective, it helps to reduce costs.  By cutting down on employee task time and phone expenses, live chat is extremely economically efficient. Since your staff will be spending less time on the phone answering questions, they can dedicate their time to in-house tasks, and leave the question-answering to your live chat representatives.

Live Chat is available now from Presentation Multimedia.  Call 914-788-1555 now, or visit

About Presentation Multimedia:

Presentation Multimedia, located in Peekskill, NY, offers a full suite of Marketing Services which allows a wide spectrum of businesses throughout the USA and Canada to work with one company for all their marketing needs. We cover all the bases, which include, but are certainly not limited to Marketing Services such as Website Design, Website Maintenance, Mobile Platforms, Apps, Search Engine Optimization (SEO – being at the top of the search engine results), Social Media Marketing, Reviews and Reputation Management, Email Marketing, and PPC Campaigns. For more information, contact Presentation Multimedia. by visiting or give us a call at: 914-788-1555