The Holidays are a Great Opportunity for Promotions!


Promotions and contests are not only a good way to get attention for your business, but they are also a great way to give back to your customers and your community.

So what do I do?

The joy surrounding the holidays is a perfect time for you to give back.  Though customers are often busy during the holidays, you can incentivize them to spend time with your brand by offering them a chance to win a prize.  And a “prize” doesn’t necessarily have to be something material…it can be an “experience”.  In the age of social media, people gravitate towards things that can get them that perfect selfie.  Concerts, events, and trips are all experiences that are “shareable” to a potential customer.

Once you have the perfect prize, it’s time to layout your promotion.  People respond best when the entry methods are simple.  You can utilize social media and ask people to “share” or “like” a post, or simply “like” your business on social media for a chance to win.  You could also run the promotion in house by offering raffle tickets for a chance to win the prize.  Customers can earn a raffle ticket for every time they visit your location, or make a purchase.  The value of the prize should scale the method of entry into your contest.  If the prize has a larger value, you can expect customers to be willing to do more in order to get a chance to win.  Smaller prizes should have the least barriers to entry.

Tis the season to give back!

People also respond well to good will during the holiday season.  A food, toy or clothing drive is another great way to run a promotion for your business.  Identify a local children’s organization, food bank, or charity, and find out their parameters for conducting a drive.  Oftentimes, they will also add your business to their website as an official donation site, driving additional traffic.

Next, as before, identify a relevant prize for your target audience.  Offer customers a raffle ticket for each item donated to your holiday drive.  Doing this will encourage your customers to donate more in order to increase their chances of winning.  The best part of this type of promotion is that everyone is a winner.  For customers, they are donating to a great cause, and your business is the catalyst.  Plus, the organization you selected to donate to will appreciate your assistance in achieving their goals.

Happy Holidays…and Happy Promoting!