CD and DVD Duplication

Whether your needs are DVD duplication, DVD replication, single DVD duplication or DVD multiple duplication, CD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Packaging, CD Packaging, and video editing, We are your one stop solution.




CD and DVD DuplicationWe specialize in short run DVD duplication and short run CD duplication with short run DVD packaging and short run CD packaging for any size order. If you need 50 DVDs duplicated in one day or 2000 DVDs duplicated in 3 days we can help.

We also have the ability to print DVD packaging and CDRom mailers for short runs so if you need only 150 custom CD mailers or 100 DVDs packaged for sale we can help.

From the strategic concept design, production of the media, DVD label design, and duplication DVD packaging, DVD silk screening & offset printing. We are your turnkey provider of all DVD products.

Duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CDs or DVDs are usually manufactured. CDR or DVDR media is loaded into burners. Your information is digitally extracted from your master source (usually a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD+RW) and transferred to the blank discs.

Your information is typically verified and the disc then accepted or rejected. With the advent, popularity, and reduced cost of media, it is now possible to offer the same level of CD and DVD duplication services to customers that need smaller quantity orders as customers which need larger quantities.

Whether you need DVD and CDRom Duplication for small jobs from 1-500 DVD and CD copies, or replication for large CD and DVD jobs (1000 or more), we are your one stop DVD Duplication solution.If you need your DVDs duplicated or CDs replication with custom packaging, ready for sale, or just bulk we are your CDRom and DVD resource.

You can always count on us to deliver the highest quality and the professional touch your CD/DVD Duplication project deserves. We keep you informed throughout the entire process to ensure your total satisfaction for your DVD Duplication or CDRom copies.

We ship Duplication or replication of DVDs and CDs to any location in the US. Contact Presentation Multimedia today for a quote!