Facebook Stories: What are they, and how can I use them for my business?


First of all, what on Earth are Facebook Stories? If you’ve never used Snapchat before, we understand how lost you must feel. “Stories”, regardless of platform, are short videos or photos that are only displayed for a designated amount of time, often between two and ten seconds. Snapchat and Instagram are big users of the “story”, and Facebook has hopped on the bandwagon. 

So how can my business incorporate Facebook Stories?

There are plenty of options to use Facebook Stories for your business, so our team at Presentation Multimedia, Inc. has narrowed it down to three of the best ways Facebook Stories can help you. Check them out:

  1. Offer promotions and deals. Due to the fleeting amount of time your story will be available to a viewer, it naturally instills a sense of urgency. This is a perfect time to offer specials promotions for your services, like “10% off X Service – today only!”  It’s a low-risk, high-reward way to take advantage of the speedy viewing process of Facebook Stories.
  2. Flaunt your creative process. You’re an expert in your trade for a reason, so show your business off! Demonstrate the ins and outs of your business through photos and short videos. For a landscaper, this might be posting a story while working on the job and showcasing the progress. A restaurant might post one of the head chef preparing a complex order. Seeing the inner-workings of your business will build consumers’ trust in the quality and validity of your company, so feel free to flaunt your expertise!
  3. Show some personality. Consumers don’t want robotic companies; they want genuine people who enjoy their profession. A great way to illustrate this is to post Facebook Stories of fun office activities or group outings. Have a motivational morning pep talk? Post it! Start an office tradition or contest? Perfect, post that, too! Let your customers know that you are a real company with real people, and generate that emotional connection that is so crucial to successful business. 


Social media marketing trends like Facebook Stories are developing fast, and we make it our business at Presentation Multimedia, Inc. to help you stay on top of the trends and use them for your business. For more business marketing tips, or to schedule a consultation with our team at Presentation Multimedia, Inc., contact us today!

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