Trends: Can Virtual Reality Make My Business Goals a Reality?


It’s no secret that the demand for visual media in content marketing is going through the roof. Consumers are hungry for as much visual content as they can get their eyes on. In the effort to supplement this demand, virtual reality has become a trending marketing tool. But can VR devices be successfully implemented into marketing techniques for your business? We definitely think so, and here’s why:

The Pros of Virtual Reality

  • It’s Immersive: Businesses often have trouble keeping their prospects’ undivided attention, especially with all the digital distractions available these days. A VR device completely immerses your potential client into whatever visual you choose to display. No distractions, just your services.
  • Get Emotional: The intensity of a VR experience is even greater than the traditional photos and videos easily found by customers. This generates strong emotions, which is crucial for establishing a connection between you and the consumer.
  • New and Exciting: VR is still early in the stages of popularity. If your business offers a VR device to help experience your services, it will give you a huge leg up on the competition.
  • Help Them See What You See: For a contractor, a simple drawing on a page is enough to envision an entire project. Our web designers can see a brand new website with a couple small ideas. But it’s not so for your clients. Having a VR experience available in a consultation with your client can help them vividly see the potential that you see as a professional in your trade, and it might be just what they need to encourage them to hire you.

Love the Idea, but Can’t Do It Now?

We understand, it’s tough to invest in something so early in the game. A simpler way to get a similar impact is to offer 360 degree visual effects on your website. For a landscaper, it might be a virtual viewing of a completed lawn job. Or for a more office-oriented business, virtual tours of the office do wonders, as well.


Anything that helps your potential clients envision a pleasing experience with your business helps establish an emotional connection. Our web design team is great at incorporating virtual tours and events into your website if you’re not ready for VR yet.

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