10 Necessary Steps To Grow Your Business

You’ve got a lot to handle now that you’ve started your own business. Whether it’s a new and hip restaurant or a popular orthodontist office, you’re faced with the reality that you have to market your business in a professional manner or no one will come through the door.

The thought of expanding your business can be daunting- but it doesn’t have to be! There are many ways you can grow your customer base and still focus on what you do best and that’s run your quality establishment

Here are the necessary steps to grow your business

1.)  1.) Know Your Numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you run an e-commerce site or a local dog walking company- you’ve got to know your numbers and where you stand online. Did you know that 90% of people don’t even scroll past the first page of their search when trying to find a new business? If you aren’t on that first page of Google- your business could be in trouble. Make sure to get quality SEO for your company in order for your businesses to stay on top.

2.)  2.) Get Your Twitter Handled.

 It’s one thing to have a twitter profile with a swanky picture and cover photo. But if you’ve got no one following you, then what’s the point? You are just wasting your time and practically tweeting into thin air if no one is following you. You need to have a social media expert on your team to help you grow your following and engage with your followers at the appropriate time. 

3.)  3.) Have a Facebook Page that people “Like:”

 This goes along with the same idea of having a solid twitter. If you have a Facebook page that no one is managing or you’re only updating every 8 days, you’re dead in the water. Potential customers are going to dig deep to decide if they want to go with your business, and Facebook is so easily accessible that you have to have an attractive page that a fair amount of people have liked.  Would you visit a business that only has 4 likes and bad ratings? No, so have a social media manager on your Facebook game and make an attractive page.

4.) 4.)  Optimize Your Posts With Links and Pictures.

Did you know that posts with pictures or links are shared and viewed more frequently than just a normal status update? Adding media to your posts help keep your audience engaged and simply get your point across in a more effective way.

5.)  5.) Know Your Audience.

      More money in your pocket with cash flowing into your business isn’t a bad thing, right?

When you know exactly who your audience/customer base is, you save loads of time and effort when trying to target your audience with ads. There  are experts  available that can consult you on how to find your audience and directly target to them, saving your time and money.

6.)  6.) Design a Professional Website.

Potential customers are going to come from all over and they tend to do their research. You could have the best business around, but if a potential customer sees your website and it looks as if a sixth grader clicked and dragged his favorite drawings onto your homepage, you’re going to lose customers. When designing a website, always go with a professional that will write engaging copy and turn those potential customers into regular business for your company.

7.)  7.) Manage Your Reputation.

Your business’s reputation is everything, especially if you want to keep the doors open for longer than 3 months. Having a bad review on Yelp or any review based website could turn many potential customers away.

Luckily, there are teams of experts available that handle all of your reputation needs. Whether it’s sorting out a bad review, or simply advertising properly to get stellar reviews all across the board.

8.)  8.) Update Your Content Regularly.

This doesn’t just mean changing your profile picture or sending out an incredibly generic tweet. This means finding or creating content that is relevant to your customers. Your best bet is to create original content, that way you can put your own business information at the end of each article.

9.)  9.) Be in Touch With Your Customers.

Did you know that businesses that stay in touch with their customers increase their companies’ revenue exponentially? This can be done through newsletters, social media, and addressing customer reviews. 

10.)  Create Your Own Custom Logo That Stands Out.

Your brand is everything, so why would you put your companies’ name out to the world with a crummy logo that you paid pennies for? Your brand needs to stand out, so always go to a professional graphic designer when creating your businesses’ logo.


All these necessary steps to expand your business may sound like a lot of work. Here’s the great news- it isn’t! Because Presentation Multimedia is ready to consult you on how to grow your business and keep customers coming through your door!



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